Zagreb by night during the end of blue hour ; view to the Croatia National Theatre and the Trg Republike Hrvatske avenue. To the right, view of the School of Applied Arts and Design. Red lights cars, cloudy sky and moon present in the sky.

Photographe professionnel à Rennes, Nantes, en France

Photographe Industriel, Photographe institutionnel/entreprise, Photographe touristique, Photographe animalier, Photographe architecture, Photographe de concerts, Photographe pour mariage, Photographe people et portrait, Photographe plateaux (tv, radio), Photographe reportages, Photographe de voyages, Photographe nature et paysages, Photographie noir et blanc, Photographe culinaire, Photographe immobilier, Photographe sportif, Photographe pour book et Photographe événementiel.

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